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Jessica Jahiel's HORSE-SENSE Newsletter


Jessica Jahiel's HORSE-SENSE Newsletter is a free, subscriber-supported Q&A email newsletter which deals with all aspects of horses, their management, riding, and training. Since 1995, Jessica Jahiel, award-winning author, clinician, and lecturer, has been writing 8-12 articles a month based on questions from subscribers. Questions address interests and concerns of horse owners and riders across all disciplines and breeds, from dressage, eventing, jumping, Pony Club and endurance, to 4-H, Western, gaming, parade, trail, and 'just pleasure' riders.

Over 1500 articles are currently indexed and searchable in the newsletter archives on the HORSE-SENSE Newsletter Web site, making it one of the largest repositories of equestrian content on the Web.

To visit the archives or subscribe to the newsletter, please visit Jessica Jahiel's HORSE-SENSE Newsletter at www.horse-sense.org

True Helmet Stories

A unique feature of the HORSE-SENSE site is True Helmet Stories. HORSE-SENSE reader share their sometimes hair-raising first-hand experiences in the hopes that they will persuade others to wear a ASTM/SEI-approved riding helmet for every ride. Like HORSE-SENSE questions, the stories come from riders from all disciplines. As feedback to previous stories comes in, it's clear that these stories are saving heads and saving lives!

Reprint Permissions

Jessica Jahiel's HORSE-SENSE Newsletter articles have been reprinted in everything from small riding club newsletters to national equestrian publications as standalone articles or as regular columns. All HORSE-SENSE materials are copyrighted and may not be republished in any form without express permission of the author. Please email me at jessica@jessicajahiel.com for information on reprint permissions and costs.

Linking Permissions

Anyone may link to any article on the HORSE-SENSE page. No prior permission is required, although I do appreciate a note The majority of links to archived articles will be permanent locations. However, please note that older article URLs ending in .htm may be changed in the future as old articles are converted to the current page format. If you plan to link to an older article, please email me to have the article made available with a permanent link.

Permission for Personal, Non-Commercial Use

The following notice appears in the footer of every HORSE-SENSE article published on the Web:
Copyright © 1995-2013 by Jessica Jahiel, Holistic Horsemanship®. All Rights Reserved. Holistic Horsemanship® is a Registered Trademark.

Materials from Jessica Jahiel's HORSE-SENSE, The Newsletter of Holistic Horsemanship®, may be distributed and copied for personal, non-commercial use provided that all authorship and copyright information, including this notice, is retained. Materials may not be republished in any form without express permission of the author.

Jessica Jahiel's HORSE-SENSE is a free weekly subscriber-supported electronic Q&A newsletter which deals with all aspects of horses, their management, riding, and training. For more information please visit www.horse-sense.org

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