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Phone Consultations with Jessica Jahiel


Every year, I write over a hundred articles in answer to questions received from subscribers to my HORSE-SENSE Newsletter. Many more hundreds of questions go unanswered. In response to many requests from HORSE-SENSE readers, I began offering private phone consultations in order to help people who are looking for timely, private assistance with their questions or problems.

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Phone consultation rates are $40 for 20 minutes and $70 for 40 minutes. I hope that these phone consultations will let me provide personal help to those of you who are looking for private, confidential assistance with your questions, problems, and unique situations.

I will reply with further details, confirming your appointment time and giving you payment instructions. Consultations are payable in advance via PayPal to jessica@jessicajahiel.com.

If you need to cancel, please do so more than 24 hours in advance. Consultation noshows or cancellations on short notice are non-refundable at my discretion.

Please email Jessica at jessica@jessicajahiel.com. Cut and paste the following into an email message and put PHONE CONSULTATION in the subject line.

To: Jessica Jahiel 

Schedule a phone consultation appointment

Your name:

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Your location:

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Your phone number(in case I need to get in touch):

__ 20 minutes ($40)
__ 40 minutes ($70)

Please give several alternative dates and times.

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